WEEK 8: Objects
(February 27 & March 1)

To Do This Week:

Learn Javascript (look under “Syllabus”): “Advanced Objects”


CodeAcademy Scores…


data types: strings, numbers, booleans, arrays
basic operators and “shortcut” operators 
comparison operators 
adding javascript to a page 
(internal and external methods)
javascript commenting 
objects / methods / properties
for loops
conditional statements

QUIZ 1 – Wednesday March 1 (10%)
A multiple choice and short answer quiz (identify syntax, errors and read scripts)


Objects and Classes: Mealplanner “Function Factory”
Ideas for classes and constructors?

Maps Project Workshop
Map Projects List 

Map Project DUE Monday March 20th

Grading will be based on 1) effort in scripting and using the API,  2) interaction design and 3) visual hierarchy

  1. The Map should have at least 4 markers
  2. The Map’s JavaScript should be functional and without errors (check the console!)
  3. The Map’s interactive design should consider the user’s experience. Interaction should be clear and accessible.
  4. The Map and the page elements should have a harmonious color scheme 
  5. Typography and graphic elements should have thoughtful Visual Hierarchy
  6. Make sure photos are proportionally presented
  7. Include in the <head>, using HTML comments <!– –>, your comments about the project. Just write a brief statement about the API you used (MapBox) and if you used ChatGPT or any other resources
  8. Whether you use ChatGPT or not, you must add your own comments to your script describing what the Javascript statements do
  9. Upload the project in a folder called “map” – be sure to include the index.html file, an external js file if you have one, and your images folder. Check the Map Projects List  to make sure the link works.
  10. If you are going to be late with your project, you must contact me on Slack ahead of time and let me know when you will complete it