WEEK 14: Final Project 3
(April 17 & 19)

To Do This Week:

Weather App Projects Due

Work on Final Projects (folder is “final477”)
Final Projects are DUE TBA
Due for grading on TBA


View Weather Apps

Front-End Development Careers – be open and curious
Final Project updates
Note sources in comments

Help on Final Projects

Final Projects DUE for in-class sharing on TBA (next class). Due for grading on TBA


GitHub Intro

  • GitHub – a social and collaborative platform for development
  • Git – version control system for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files among multiple people. (command-line install)
  • desktop.github  no command line needed
  • Github guide
  • 477 test-repository

Git Terms from Github Glossary

  • Repository
  • Branch
  • Merge
  • Clone
  • Pull
  • Pull request
  • Fork
  • Fetch
  • Push
  • Commit
  • Markdown



Web Dev Map used above