WEEK 13: Final Project 2
(April 10 & 12)

To Do This Week:

Message me your Final project description if you haven’t already done so – on Slack

P5js Project DUE


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localStorage example


Final Project: 20%

Sites Completed for Informal class Critique  – BY TBA
Sites Due for Grading  – BY TBA

The Final Project is quite open, but it must include your own scripting in JavaScript and design with HTML/CSS. You have worked on small scripting projects, worked with an API and had the chance to write JavaScript in a creative way. Now is the time to put these skills together in a project for your portfolio. The subject and genre may be anything, but you will have to design something that involves user interaction with multimedia. Multimedia means using text, images, video, audio, maps in an integrated way. JavaScript can be used to get data, add animation, create galleries, create dynamic video/audio, interactive elements, generative/random procedures  -anything you want. 

  • You will be graded on your own scripting using JavaScript (30%), interface and interaction design (30%) and the completion of the content (30%).
  • Next week we will discuss projects in progress. This means that you must make progress each week. If you are not making progress, this will be reflected on your final grade.
  • On your Final Projects, include a brief statement (as a link or pop-up) and commented-out description (on the html page) about the sources you used (include links) and how/what your scripted.