The Kodak DataShow Projector Pad

My friend Jeff brought a very nice treat to the lab today: a Kodak DataShow Projection Pad, replete with a cooling fan and the original case. It works with my Apple II GS just fine, and there is some speculation that it is the very first projector a PC.  A good find there!

The bad news is that I do not have a vintage projection system for the Classic, as I hoped I would have in time for the Pathfinders traversals, which starts on Tuesday, but Jeff helped me rig up a system involving Apple iSight that is quite workable.

My friend Jeff, a CMDC alum now working as an Engineer at Atos in PDX who keeps my Macs running like champs.

Some very good news is that the Classic that Jeff serviced for the Pathfinders project now has a very bright screen.  I am hoping he can do the same with my back up Classic.