2017-2018 Research Affiliates

We are pleased to announce ELL’s 2017-2018 Research Affiliates:

  • Lori Ricigliano, Associate Director for User Services, Collins Library, U of Puget Sound
  • Philippe Brand, Assistant Professor of French, Lewis & Clark
  • Matt Huculak, Digital Scholarship Librarian, University of Victoria Libraries
  • Chris Martin, Instructor, Computer Graphics Technology, Clark College
  • Adele Ramos, Assistant Professor of English, Pacific Lutheran University
  • John Barber, Associate Clinical Professor, Creative Media & Digital Culture
  • Will Luers, Instructor, Creative Media & Digital Culture

Besides joining us in the activities we have planned for the academic year, they also will have borrowing privileges of redundant works in the library; staff help with information about library contents; access to ELL’s legacy computers and software and works of electronic literature and other media (e.g. video games, sound-based works, videos) for research; and invitations to special affiliate-only events.

We are inviting others to join us. If you are interested, contact me at grigar[at]wsu[dot]edu.