Born Digital Preservation Series
Friday, October 20, 2017, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Electronic Literature Lab, VMMC 211A

Documentation is a form of preservation involving the transference of a human experience into a memory system that enables that experience to endure over a period of time and be made accessible to others. It can be carried out with many different approaches depending on the specificity of the work­­ and should provide as full and precise an expression of the work as possible. Documentation also implies the recognition of value of that expression to a future audience.

Join us at this full-day documentation event where we will create and edit Wikipedia entries for selected works of electronic literature. We will also use the work we produce to update and/or produce entries for the Electronic Literature Organization’s Electronic Literature Directory (ELD, and ELMCIP’s Knowledge Base (

Please RSVP by October 17 by 5 p.m. to so that we can ensure that you are set up as an editor for Wikipedia in advance of the event. We can issue you a parking pass in advance upon request.

Below is a potential list of works selected for documentation and the state of its documentation in the various sites. Recommendations for works to document from participants are also encouraged. We will need to know by October 17 if you choose a work not on this list so that we can test it in advance of the event for you.


Authors/Works ELD ELMCIP Wikipedia
      Author Work
Mary-Kim Arnold’s Lust Partial entry Entry only, no context No No
J Yellowlees Douglas’ I Have Said Nothing Partial entry Entry only, no context Yes No
Sarah Smith’s King of Space No Yes Partial No
Rob Kendall’s A Life Set for Two Partial entry Brief Partial No
Judy Malloy’s its name was Penelope Partial entry Yes Yes, needs updating No
David Kolb’s Socrates in the Labyrinth No Yes Partial No
Bill Bly’s We Descend No Yes No No
John McDaid’s Uncle Buddy’s Phantom Funhouse No Partial No No

The event takes place in the Electronic Literature Lab (ELL). Participants will have access to original works and legacy computers for producing entries. To see a selection of all works and computers available in ELL’s Library, visit the catalog at


Welcome and Introductory Remarks
by Dene Grigar, Director of ELL and President of the ELO

Directions and Setting Up Work Stations & Teams
by Nicholas Schiller, Asst. Director of ELL

11:00-12 pm
Work on entries

12 pm-1:00
Lunch (provided)

Work on entries

Presentation of research

Sponsored by Washington State University Vancouver, Washington State University’s Louis E. and Stella G. Buchanan Distinguished Professorship, the Electronic Literature Organization, and the Electronic Literature Lab