We are pleased to announce that the introduction and first chapter––featuring Sarah Smith’s hypertext novel King of Space––of Rebooting Electronic Literature is ready to access. The book, co-authored by Dene Grigar, Nicholas Schiller, Vanessa Rhodes, Veronica Whitney, Mariah Gwin, and Katie Bowen and created on the Scalar platform, will eventually contain all seven live stream Traversals hosted in the Electronic Literature Lab.

Our goal is to make this Open Electronic Resource more open by making the book available to the public as it is in development. This means the completed chapter one is accessible along with chapter two, which we have just begun. All of the videos can be found here as well as on Vimeo and YouTube. From our perspective, redundancy is a good thing.

I’d like to thank author Sarah Smith for the additional materials she sent us. We have made all digitalized papers accessible in the book. We will be making the files on the floppy disks available soon.