Photo of COPE project team members
From left: Mariah Gwin, Katie Bowen, Abby Adams, Nicholas Schiller, Austin Fields, Holly Slocum, Greg Philbrook, & Leo Flores. Dene Grigar, photographer

After our meeting in Victoria, B.C. with our partners in the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab about the Samvera installation, Leo Flores, Abby Adams, Nicholas Schiller, and I returned to Vancouver to hold the final portion of our kick off for the Coping with Bits project in the Electronic Literature Lab. Abby and Nicholas led the undergraduate researchers through the various fields they need to map and had the students run through several works from the archives, which is the first collection we are planning to document. Leo worked with Greg Philbrook, the CMDC’s tech guru, on website issues. I went through media that Helen Thorington and Jo-Anne Green had sent us among the eight boxes of archives. And, oh yeah, I passed out t-shirts I had created for the team.