I found more archived papers and software  in a leftover old tub of stuff from my 2006 move, and I gave them to [ELO] so we can have more places to study these ephemera. –Deena Larsen, 30 November 2018

I love leftover stuff in tubs. They can––like this “stuff” that Deena gave us––be treasures for future generations to enjoy. 607 items of treasures to enjoy, to be exact. And they are all here in the Electronic Literature Lab inventoried, organized, and housed in archival folders and boxes just waiting for us to digitize them in the spring.

The Deena Larsen Collection consists of three boxes, categorized into 12 series:

  1. Published Works, 1992-2016
  2. Unpublished Works, 1997-2016
  3. Notebooks, 1995 and undated
  4. Miscellaneous Papers
  5. Photographs
  6. General Correspondence
  7. Personal Papers
  8. Other Author Materials
  9. Contracts & Royalty Statements (Not available online)
  10. Conference, Festival, & Event Ephemera
  11. Born Digital Literature by Other Artists
  12. Other Media

You can download all 18 pages of the inventory here, but if you rather, you can read some of the highlights of this trove, below:

As mentioned, we will be digitizing these files in the spring and making them available to scholars soon after. Files that provide provenance for her work will be uploaded to the ELO Wikibase.