Paper given by Dene Grigar at the 2019 International Association of University Professors of English Conference, Poznan, Poland.

Kinetic Poetry: Poetry animated through the affordances of the computer environment, specifically programming languages like Apple BASIC, Visual Basic, and Javascript and software programs like Flash, Shockwave, After Effects, and others.

Kinepoeia: “Movement suggested by the textual representation of the word––is drawn from the term, onomatopoeia, the rhetorical strategy that associates sound with textual representation (e.g. bam/bam) but is unlike it is indigenous to the digital medium” (Grigar). See her entry at the Electronic Literature Directory:


Access to Kinetic Poetry Referenced in This Presentation

Rob Kendall, “Faith,”

Thom Swiss, “Shy Boy,”

Sasha West and Robert Lavandera, “Zoology,”



“List of Flash and Shockwave works at the Electronic Literature Organization Repository,” Electronic Literature Lab,

Electronic Literature Organization Repository:



A special thank you to ELL Team Member Holly Slocum for preparing the art for the handout and presentation and to Moneca Roath for creating the animation clips for the presentation.