Last week WSUV held its annual Research Showcase. All other WSU campuses had cancelled theirs since COVID-19 forced us all to hunker down in our homes beginning March 18. But my campus found a digital solution to the very human problem of disease by hosting the event as an online exhibition.

Kathleen, who had been awarded a 2019 Summer Mini-Grant for a preservation project relating to Jennifer Ley, Carolyn Guertin, and Margie Luesebrink’s The Progressive Dinner Party (1999), created and submitted a poster, entitled “The Progressive Dinner Party Restored.” She also joined Mariah and Moneca on a poster presentation, entitled “Preserving Electronic Literature,” that focused on numerous projects we’ve been doing all year here in ELL. Holly joined CMDC senior Christian Denny on a poster about Christian’s research project, “Boundless WebVR,” which had also received funding from  the 2019 Summer Mini-Grant. 

None of their posters placed for an award this year, but the effort to put their ideas in front of a panel of judges and available to the world via the web, makes me very proud of them. So, congrats, my wonderful students and lab team, for participating in this important research event on our campus!

Here are the posters they exhibited: