Well, Now What?

Having just spent the better part of a month preparing for ACM Hypertext ’20 and ELO 2020, especially on the reading and exhibition associated with “An Afternoon with afternoon,” the question is, “Now What?”

Ah, dear readers, never fear! The ELL Team has plenty to keep itself busy with. Here is the rundown as of today:

  • Rebooting Electronic Literature, Volume 3
    Our annual book, now in its third year, is due at the end of August. 
  • Electronic Literature Lab Catalog
    Yes, we are still migrating content from the old catalog to the new one. But it is gradually getting done.
  • Electronic Literature Repository
    We continue to add works to this site and update all of the metadata. It is a labor of love.
  • Turbulence.org
    We are checking the functionality of each of the 358 works in this collection to see if there are ones we can update in order to maintain their accessibility. We plan to write a grant around this project if it is a viable one.




Dene Grigar is Director and Professor of the CMDC Program. She specializes in electronic literature, emerging technologies and cognition, and ephemera.