What you are looking at is Sierra O’Neal’s 3D model of Lorenzo Miglioli’s 1993 RA-DIO, the first published Italian hypertext and the first in Italy created on the Storyspace platform.

As you can see, RA-DIO consists of a print book and two 3.5-inch floppy disks packaged in a plastic sleeve. The floppy disks, formatted for Macintosh and PCs, contains Miglioni’s experimental hypertext and Walter Vannini’s Italian translation of Michael Joyce’s afternoon, a story. The book contains what Vannini called an “Inter/net/view” with Michael Joyce and the printout of RA-DIO’s contents. 

A joint venture by Castelvecchi Editore and Human Systems, Castelvecchi oversaw the book component while Human Systems, which owned the rights for RA-DIO, was in charge of the digital.

This and nine other physical artifacts will be on view at the “Hypertext & Art: A Retrospective of Forms” exhibition in Rome from 6-20 September. We thank Walter for sharing his copy of RA-DIO for the event.