“The Future of Text in XR” project is underway, just a month after our kick off, with the arrival of our headsets. While our project is not limited to one specific VR product, we are interested in the Apple Vision Pro as a harbinger of what is to come with the other headsets in an open-source environment of WebXR.

This short video clip shows one idea for the control panel that will allow for readers to interact with documents in VR.

As Andrew notes: 

“This version has a simple first test for functionality of a ‘prism’ menu. The user taps the sphere on their wrist to open the menu. Tapping the menu buttons switch between two different types of sub menus, which hold more buttons to tap (changing the material of the menu) and sliders to move (changing the intensity of the menu material). A back button shows up while inside the sub menu to return to the main menu. The user can also tap their wrist again to close the menu.

The button functions and the menu layout will all be changed, but for this test I wanted to include many different things to press and interact with in order to experiment with how it feels to use a menu of this style.”