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The Interplay of Language and New Media

Where we are

Language is a changing day by day and as we breach the new era, riddling life with new media we change and so does our every day life. With the rise in popularity of new social networks, communication as we know it has been forever changed by abbreviated text as well as memes and even music and video. I would not call this an epidemic of language as much as I would call it a breakthrough for language.

So what?

Since language is constantly being shaped by new media it is important to note that new media is also in part shaping new media which is where we find the interplay. Since the two technologies are so heavily influcenced by eachother it is safe to say that both are necissary to keep up with in the modern day.

Where do we go from here?

The best we can do from here on is to not try and stop the motion in which language is moving new media. As the technology of language proceeds beyond words, we as humans are bound by the knowledge that we accept into our minds, not that which we push away. While it can come in the forms of comedy, art, or even images, we should be accepting of what we can learn from the new media.