52 Card Cinema: 52 Card Psycho

52Card Psycho - G.A. Rhodes (2009)
52 Card Cinema: 52Card Psycho - G.A. Rhodes (2009)
Installed at Mediations Biennale, Poznan, Poland, 2010

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52 Card Cinema: 52 Card Psycho

The Dene Grigar Collection


Geoffrey Alan Rhodes

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Future Cinema Lab, York University




52 Card Cinema is an installation-based investigation into cinematic structures and interactive cinema viewership. The concept is simple: 52 cards, each printed with a unique identifier, are replaced in the subject's view by the individual shots that make up a movie scene. The cards can be stacked, dealt, arranged in their original order or re-composed in different configurations, creating spreads of time. The technology used is marker-based augmented reality, where special printed markers are recognized in the video feed and pass data regarding their unique identifier, their position, and their orientation. The computer then feeds a display overlaying the video clips of each shot onto the appropriate card and continually mapping their position and orientation.

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