Research Documentation

Stakeholder Analysis

and Proposal
We will be examining the use of direct-to-consumer DNA testing by commercial companies and the ethics surrounding the genetic privacy of individuals.

The capture of James DeAngelo, the Golden State killer, caused an outcry among researchers, ethicists, and private...

Policy Analysis

and Plain Language Translation
After the case of Joseph James DeAngelo, we conducted research on several privacy policies. The Privacy Policies of, 23andMe, and GEDmatch have fairly straightforward Policy Statements, however GEDmatch has several sections that can be misinterpreted and can cause its users to reveal...

White Paper

an analysis of the benefits of genetic technology
This paper gives you an understanding on a new technology coming into to play that could potentially figure out your genetic makeup with just a click. Websites including; 23andMe,, and GEDmatch continue to distract people away from the fine print that is included in their policies...