Ian Bogost

Ian Bogost

Author of both How to Talk About Videogames and How to Do Things with Videogames, Ian Bogost is an established writer, designer and academic in the field of video games.

As self explanatory as their titles, his works delve into the specifics of how to talk about and use video games in more than just their base intended purpose as forms of electronic entertainment but also how they are used by industries to sell the 'product' aspect of the game.

"When we play games, we temporarily interrupt and set aside ordinary life." -Ian Bogost, How to Do Things with Videogames

"We look for masterpieces in games by comparing them with familiar works of representational art, like film, painting, and literature. But the sublime is found elsewhere: in architecture, in nature, in weather. Perhaps we should look to these sources for inspiration too." -Ian Bogost, How to Talk About Videogames

"Art has done many things in human history, but in the last century especially, it has primarily tried to bother and provoke us. To force us to see things differently. Art changes. Its very purpose, we might say, is to change, and to change us along with it." -Ian Bogost, How to Do Things with Videogames