Developer: Apple
Release Date: 1983

Apple IIe

If you have never experienced a computer that does not load and take you to the base desktop screen, then the Apple IIe may throw you for a loop. Released at the beginning of 1983, the Apple IIe comes in 3-4 parts with the base computer, 1-2 disk II floppy drive units and the monitor. You can power the Apple IIe on completely but if there is no floppy disk in the drives then all there will be is a screen full of black.

Developer: Apple
Release Date: 1998

iMac G3

The iMac G3 was an all-in-one computer initially released in 1998. These computers were produced in a number of different colors and designs over the course of 5 years and shifted from the use of floppy disks and into that of CD-ROM and DVD-ROM.