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Project Renovare: A Website and Virtual Experience


The Project Renovare team re-created the website for the Clark County Historical Museum (CCHM). The CCHM mission statement of gather, save, share really inspired the team to highlight the value CCHM brings to the Clark County community.

Having a strong, functioning website is essential for any business. The design of the Clark County Historical Museums website must relay information about their business while telling the story of its history and unique character.


Four teams working on Project Renovare, the Design, Content, Video and Web Development teams all collaborated under the guidance of the Leadership team to build an innovative virtual experience for the CCHM.

The teams created: custom icons and designs, videos for outreach functions, social media campaigns and web use, and a gallery of 3D models of museum artifacts. In this way the Renovare team was able to gather community stories, save artifacts by preserving them digitally and share the CCHM mission with users through a new and inviting website experience

Leadership Team

David Alonzo

Professor, Washington State University Vancouver

David is a teacher, leader and business owner.

David Alonzo served as the Director of Project Renovare ensuring the teams produced content of the highest quality.

Christian Denny

Project Manager

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Christian Denny specializes in front-end web and mobile application and developing VR content.

She served as the project manager for Project Renovare and facilitated the technical and creative cooperation between the teams and CCHM.