Welcome to the CMDC Program’s Senior Seminar

Because of COVID-19 our spring semester course meets virtually and online. Note that all students are expected to attend class at the usual time (Wednesdays, 1:30-4:10 p.m.) via Zoom. We will also work via Slack and Basecamp. 

Now to resume our regularly scheduled program . . .

The Senior Seminar prepares DTC majors for careers in digital media or entry into graduate programs in digital media or a related field. Attention is given to providing a hands on experience with directing and participating in a large digital media project; teaching how to engage in a critique of digital work; and helping with the preparation of requisite materials, like proposals, portfolios, resumes, cover letters, and writing samples needed for a professional career.

This teaser trailer was produced by CMDC students in fall 2018 who developed The Historic Trust’s “Now iTour” walking tour of historic sites. The project utilizes RealWear wearable technology.


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