See this job announcement for a WP Wizard for the WSU Pullman Campus.  The department contacted me directly and asked if we had someone.   I know we do, so contact me if you are interested.

WSU  just posted an advertisement for a WordPress wizard. The official title is WordPress “data architect/database administrator” –  the job description is at
It looks to be a superb job, with generous salary. If you or someone on your staff knows any likely candidates (maybe a past graduate), please feel free to send them to, where they can apply, or share far and wide via Twitter, Facebook, etc.
It would be a great job for anyone seeking to enjoy the rural life. WSU Pullman is the university’s main campus, located in a small agricultural area, with lots of fishing, skiing, etc. nearby.  A demanding five-minute commute across town, during the rush minute. All the amenities of working at  a major research, Pac-12 campus. And larger cities in driving distance.
Application screening begins March 1.