Hi everyone!

My name is Brayden. I am a DTC major who is graduating this semester! I am taking this class because I love storytelling and thought that this would be an enjoyable elective. My favorite genres are horror, thriller, fantasy, and some sci-fi, but I enjoy dabbling in everything. I love character studies and stories that focus more on internal struggles. While I prefer these elements, if the story is well-written and holds my attention, I’ll gladly give it a chance.

Some of my favorite mediums for storytelling are books, films, and video games. I love exploring the different ways in which these three platforms can tell an impactful story. When creating my own stories, I prefer writing darker pieces that explore the mindsets of the characters and how it affects their current situation.

I’m excited to explore digital storytelling and see what creative projects I can create within our future projects. I’m also looking forward to seeing what everyone else creates!

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