Week 1 Blog Post

Hello, my name is Andrew. I’m a junior here at WSUV and have lived here my whole life. I’m interested in all genres of storytelling, but science fiction and fantasy are two of my favorite genres. Since I was a kid, I’ve loved reading and watching stories of other worlds. My grandparents had the original Star Wars and I would watch them repeatedly, along with Indiana Jones and other movies. Avatar was a huge spectacle for me when it came out in 2009, and I watched it more times than I’d like to say. My love for these genres is not solely focused in film, but in reading and games, too. My parents didn’t let my have free reign over when and what I watched early in my life, so I found myself reading a lot. I read what a lot of other kids read, like the Percy Jackson series, but I also tried more complex stories like The Hobbit and LOTR and found that I really liked stories about things that I haven’t or can’t experience. I think it’s amazing what we can do now with storytelling and technology. The new avatar film, for example, is almost completely CGI, and without CGI, we wouldn’t be able to achieve most of the shots needed for a movie like this one. Gaming is also something that I love, although for the most part, I don’t play narrative games and am more interested in arena/pvp type games. There are a few, though, like Assassins Creed, that I have played and loved throughout the years.

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