Non-Aristotelian Short Films

When we think of stories Aristotelian¬†plot structure comes to mind. There is usually clear central conflict and a hero to rise to the occasion to conquer it! Well some stories don’t have that type of structure. They tell their stories in different ways. The Short stories that I watched were very interesting and were all so different from each other. Some were split up into sections and some were very artsy. What seem to connect them all was that the conflict in all of them was more of an idea rather than a physical thing. For example, in Small Deaths,¬†I got the sense that the main idea was small tragic events in a person’s life that can add up to change and develop who a person becomes. That was my take away. My personal favorite short film was 160 Characters.¬†The title is quite clever as 160 characters was all you could type in one message on nokia cell phones. The world was based through those messages as well as a little dialog here and there for context. But, the main way of storytelling was through those messages. This conflict between Victoria and the Father is very real and a conflict that isn’t clear cut. There is a pattern between all of the short films as there is still a hint of tragedy among all of them. Each story has a different conflict told in a certain way but all tend to be negative and have a moment of shock within them. It’s kind of like they all have their own rising actions and climaxes. It’s very interesting to observe.

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