Joeseph Hall Introduction

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I enjoy Cartoons and Videogames, I find they can be a less judgemental view of the modern world and can help highlight troubling events. But I am here at WSU to gain a better understanding of Videogame Design. I think Videogames can be the natural evolution of storytelling, allowing the user to explore and interact with a narrative on their own terms. Some popular games tell very compelling stories but what I love are the open unguided games, worlds where you find and make your own stories, the best examples of these in my opinion would be Minecraft and Rimworld. The first being a semi-fantasy open sandbox world and the other being a colony survival game set in the far future with an AI driven event system. Out of the box both of the games are great, each having earned over $100 Million, but the real value comes from the player made modifications available for them. The mods are encouraged by the developers and have even become features of the primary games’ themselves. The ability for people to add new content constantly evolves what the games are able to give the user. I want to create games that allow people to explore their own stories.

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