Daigle blog 12/24/2023

After watching the story “She and Her Cat” it was fairly clear that there was some missing structure or plot points when comparing it to the Aristotelian structure. This doesn’t take away from the story this video tells however, it just uses a different method on telling a story. I would say I couldn’t tell if there was a clear central point of conflict which is what threw me off. Instead the story focused around building through micro events and observations from another’s eyes. This story is told through the cat’s perspective but I still feel as if the main character and what the story is about is the girl herself. With no clear conflict either, the story doesn’t fail to evoke emotions as even I was drawn in with some worry and sympathy for the girl as the cat started noticing things about the girl. I think there is still clear observable structure points we can see in the type of story¬† and one that also follows its own set structure and patterns.


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