Great Rock n’Roll Pauses

Helping our audience to intake information is getting easier. We have the power of film, VR, and video games to change how we display information. However, this is a first for me in how to read a story. The use of diagrams was interesting, I at first didn’t like it. I didn’t know where to read, what to read next, or what had importance. But the more I dove in, I found it more accessible. The diagrams helped with world-building. Since the information about the character has to be in a linear fashion, we can pick and choose where to read it. Even though the conflict isn’t intense, we are attached because of the characters. The battle of growing up and being distant from our parents. We drift away as we get older, our love will always be the same but as people, we grow. Forming lives of our own and understanding who we are in those ages. My favorite slide is when Alison goes on a walk with her father. Both characters are their most vulnerable. Alison is afraid and the dad shows his late-night retreat. In how I will shape my story, adding any visual to add to the story is a must. Graphs and charts bring life to the dull space of just words, so adding anything is a must for the story. 

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