Week 4 Post 1/31

“Great Rock n’ Roll Pauses” was a really fun and emotional read, and almost feels like hypertext with the way that the structure of the story uses links and points you in certain directions. In this case, the reader doesn’t have the freedom to click and direct themselves, but it is similar. The conflict in this story is centered around the dad’s relationship with his son, and the strain that his job and personal history has on it. He doesn’t understand his son, and is trying to find ways to connect with him. We get the perspective of the daughter, who loves her dad very much, and is seeing these events happen through the biased lense of a child, but we also get a lot of truth from the observations she makes. We see that her dad is tired, working long hours, and feeling like he is doing something wrong with the way he interacts with his son. The resolution comes on the walk with his daughter, when she opens his eyes to how her brother thinks, and why it’s okay for him to be different. The way that this is presented at the end of the story is unique. We don’t actually get a narration of the events, but instead we get the finished graphs that Lincoln wanted on the rock n’ roll pauses, telling us that his dad helped him and changed his thinking about his son and music. I really like the structure of this story because it’s very satisfying to figure out how to read it, and then reread it in a different order. You spend more time thinking about the text and it slows you down so it feels like you’re getting more of the story.

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