5 Story Summaries

Classical Aristotelian 3-Part Structure

A young man is undergoing abuse at the hand of his narcissistic father. During the first part of the story, he undergoes intense abuse before finally rebelling against him, only to be shot down. The second part takes place over a decade later, in which he is finally able to kill his father and free himself of the abuse. In the third and final part, more years have passed, and he must now overcome the trauma he has faced in order to avoid passing it onto his daughter and continuing the cycle of abuse.

Kishotenketsu 4-Part Structure

A science-fantasy adventure that takes place in a world where a person’s thoughts and feelings can have real effects on their physical reality. The story starts by introducing the audience to a society full of war and violence, with many people obsessing over not having peace and desperately wanting war to end. The development sees the war get worse and worse, only for an ancient being to reveal that because they are so obsessed with not having peace, they continue to attract circumstances that make them obsessed for peace. The conclusion arrives when thoughts creating reality are revealed to the population, but they don’t believe it. They return to the never-ending cycle of war, while the protagonist is left to find their own peace.

Episodic Structure

A story about a battle in a sci-fi universe told through the perspectives of three different groups of people. There is the first faction and the second faction who are battling out against one another, and a group of civilians stuck in the middle simply trying to get out alive.

Surrealist/Fantasy Mode

A group of friends who have the ability to shift their consciousnesses to other realities find themselves stuck in a strange dimension surrounded by impossible terrain and fantastical creatures. This dimension is populated by strange flying creatures as well as an intelligent race of intelligent beings that are made of pure energy. It is unknown how the friends can escape and how this reality came to be.

Personal Anecdote

A short retelling about the time I accidentally set the fence on fire at my dad’s house during the Fourth of July. It humorously exaggerates my anxieties and fears that eventually come true as I nervously hold a roman candle the wrong way.

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