Week 6 Blog Post: 5 Photo Story

Hello class,

In theme with Valentine’s Day, I created a story about attempting to rekindle a lost relationship between two individuals. The story follows the creation and eventual send off of a handwritten letter. I chose to order these photos in this direction to mimic the flow of the letter’s creation. A shift to the left indicates a setback, like the crumpled up letters. A shift to the right signals progression, like the mailing of the letter in the mailbox photo. In reference to McCloud’s panel-to-panel transitions, I made use of subject and scene. The first three photos reflect a subject-subject transition shown by the photos depicting different objects within the same environment. The last two photos show the scene-scene swap with the letter next to the mailbox in the fourth photo then reappearing in a bedroom in the fifth, signifying the two separate environments.

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