Two Occurrences at Owl Creek Bridge

I had never read the short story or seen the film forĀ An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, but both were shocking to say the least. I watched the film episode first with my friends and roommates while we ate dinner and to be completely honest, it was very slow. That is something any type of video adaptation does that is slightly annoying for me, personally. I can always read the book, manga, comic faster than the film, anime, or tv episode can portray it. If they do not do it quickly, succinctly, or well then it can become a slog. That is one of the differences between the two. Another is in the film he only had a wife not a child, in fact we do not even know the main character’s first name or motivations, or why he was even being hanged. In the short story we do, which was interesting, as well as his general thoughts and feelings towards situations instead of having to rely on his actor to portray his feelings as best he can.

Events of the story were also rearranged differently in the film version. In that sense I think the show did well, however the pacing was so sluggish it was hard to care. I can appreciate slow narratives, but the antiquated colorless show made it even more so. The editing was pretty good, the snap and death took me by quite a surprise even though I was expecting it right at the end when he ran at his wife for too long. The shot composition was okay as well, the different shots for him drowning and pulling himself out of the river seemed advanced. I would say both versions do good for the story in different aspects, like getting to know more in writing but the music and gunshots adds more tension in the show. All in all, an interesting concept!

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