Symbol, Index, and Icons

The role of symbols, indexes, and Icons are very prominent in modern media. They help visualize your words or phrases that you use. In the example of City Fish by J.R. Carpenter, They help visualize a timeline. This helps readers become engaged in the reading and make it more appealing to the eye. These icons are specifically spaced juxtaposed to the text. These icons also gives us an insight into how things actually look! For example, in the story, it talks about how Lynn and her mother lived in a specific house. Then it shows an image of a house. This makes it meaningful as know we can tie the thread of that house being the one that Lynn and her mother lived in! That itself make a world that the reader can insert themselves into. I want to make sure to keep in mind that I can insert icons and symbols next to text to make more sense and more weight out of given characters. This can immerse the reader into my story more while also giving a more specific and detailed storyline. It will also grab the attention of users coming to read my story. if it was just all text, it wouldn’t be very fun to look at. This is not saying that you can’t make an immersive story without icons. Many books and novels make wonderful worlds with just the use of text. Icons and symbols and indexes just make storytelling more versatile and creative. I’ll be sure to keep this all in mind.

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