3/28 Blog Post

With the two web/hypertext pieces that you linked, the roles of symbols, index, and icons are very important. In the reading you gave us, it states that words are forms of symbols. This means that even the parts where there is only writing, symbols are being used to tell the story. Symbols are also used heavily, like in “Forever”, where we are experiencing this story through a phone screen paired with text bubbles, pictures of rooms, and videos of the characters. The symbols are very important to differentiate when the characters are texting each other or interacting in person or with other people. We see that they are texting when there are text bubble in the format of a mobile device and it is familiar because it’s modeled off of things that we are used to today, like the IOS interface. Icons are also used in this piece, for example, in the beginning you are shown how to navigate this literature by using your arrow keys to move through it. It could be argued that the arrows they show you during this time are icons, and not symbols because they are representative of what your computer already has, which are arrow keys.

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