Gibson – Blog Post #13 (4/11)

Hey everyone,

For my final project, I am currently planning on using a mixture of the twine module and the audio storytelling module. I am planning on creating a twine interactive story that will use audio and visual aids in order to help relay the story to players. It will be an expansion on the twine game that I made recently for the hypermedia assignment.

The central story is that of a person who has escaped a ship explosion in an escape pod. They are launched through space and land on a swampy planet where they need to reach either a village or castle (player’s choice) in order to get to safety. There will be a few major choices and some variables to make the game more replay-able.

The player will advance through the story by using the mouse to click the button to continue. There will be a background for each and every page, which will be created using the app Midjourney. And sometimes audio ques will play automatically when the player reaches a certain part of the story. The audio ques will be either things I’ve recorded myself, or they will be taken from license free sources on the internet.

I am very hopeful for this game. I’ve always been passionate about game design, and the game will take place in a universe that I have created and been working on for a while now. I still need to reach out to Will for approval at the time of writing this, however.

– Gibson

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