WEEK 13: Final Project Summary

tommy o

For my Final Project I am going to further develop a Visual Narrative by focusing on additional character development through still images panels. The presentation is intended to be web-based and at this time I envision audience driven change from one panel to the next, but I have not solidified this presentation yet.

This work was inspired by the Visual Narrative modules, especially panel-to-panel relationships or “blood in the gutter,” and closure-what to leave out or “the gaps in storytelling.” Some works that intrigued me along the way are The Apple Seed, by Brianna Savage, Things Are Queer, by Duane Michals, and many comic books and silent films.

My goal is to create a work that has a clear and engaging story without the use of spoken or written words. It is an exciting challenge and I look forward to critical feedback. The core work will be my Visual Narrative that was presented for week 9.

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