Project Description?

I know this is a blog post for the description of our final project, and I’ll try my best to describe it, but I do not fully know what it will be yet. That sounds concerning, but I am just stuck choosing between two of my projects right now. For my final I am going to choose between my Hypermedia Narrative or my Diagrammatic Narrative. I quite like both, and they are certainly both the projects that you can tell I put more energy into (my bad), but I am leaning towards the Twine project. Especially after talking with Will (thank you) and the advice given about setting it up better and making sure the audience can understand the rapport between myself and them.

The story in 3-5 sentences would be: The storyteller, who happens to be me, explores grief as a feeling and a part of life. I take the audience with me to try and understand it as I tell a vague story about the loss of a pet. Whatever you think grief is, it is.

It will take place in Twine most likely now. My inspirations are the 1986 text adventure game Amnesia, and the more recent 2019 role-playing game Disco Elysium. Their use of gratuitous amounts of text make me use as little as possible on a screen so my audience does not get bored, but more interested in figuring out what I’m trying to get across.


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