Final Project Rough Script

Google search for acting jobs in L.A, searches through for a second and applies for one. Maybe upbeat music playing?  

The person searches for acting lessons online, hold for a second here and turn off music. Text comes through saying they got an audition. Text back super excited but rewrite it to make it more professional.  

Search for plane tickets to L.A, place to stay? 

Goes back to spotify (or youtube) to play happy music again.  

Goes to sleep, turns off computer and plays sleep music?  

Morning of the audition. Checking emails? Receives message from mom saying good luck. You reply, “Thanks mom, I’m leaving for it now.” 

After interview, person is nervous. Maybe searches places to get a drink.

Next morning, wakes up and looks at texts. Nothing yet. Mom texts asking, person responds saying no.

A few hours later, person receives text saying they didn’t get the part. The person texts mom, leaves her on read.  

Searches for flights back to hometown.  

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