Final Project

This is my Final Project link.

I decided to go for the Google Slide presentation in a similar way to the Twine choosing method. I gave some of the same options to the original story I made for the Hypermedia project. At the end I decided to take out some options of the story because it felt overwhelming having so many options to choose from. 

I was able to create/draw the illustrations and gifs in my presentation in a pixel art style. This was my decision because I wanted an RPG game feeling. Also, I wanted to have more freedom decorating my story game, that is why I decided to go for Google Slides. The options to choose a path will appear as an animation option from the presentation. That is why to follow the story without any interruptions from jumping ahead, just click anywhere to continue, and when the options appear you should choose one to continue the story. I recommend not clicking anywhere else when these options appear because it will make the presentation move forward, which will be confusing because the slides are in a weird order that can only work if clicking the options.

I’m not a DTC major, but I was able to get the results that I wanted for this project.

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