Final Project

Updated Version (the wrong version was uploaded only difference was audio levels).

I started this project in 2020 when I enrolled in the DTC program with DTC 201. My goal was to explore my roots and understand the impact of the Khmer Rouge regime on Cambodia and my family. I began by retelling the stories my father endured during that time. While I had touched on similar themes in the past, in my senior year, I felt it was essential to create a more evolved version of my father’s story.

To bring the story to life, I used mid-journey and follies, relying on sound and visuals to create a powerful emotional experience. It was a moving journey for me to repeatedly relisten to the story and see the characters come to life through mid-journey prompts and animation.

This project is a screen test for an animated 3D short that I plan to develop this summer. The journey of exploration and creation was deeply meaningful and cathartic for me. I feel that the project captures the essence of the story in a powerful and emotional way.




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