April 25: Final Projects – Peer Critique

To Do This Week

Finish Final Project


In-Class Critiques:

Gather into groups of 3-4 students in your pod. Share your final projects by posting them on the blog. Each student should silently take notes on the others work, addressing the questions below. You do not need to write lengthy comments, just notes and observations.

Then get into face-face group interaction to discuss each work and provide each other with constructive feedback. Take notes on the feedback you get for your project and consider addressing the issues raised, but you do not have to agree with the feedback. It is up to you!

  1. Consider the project’s narrative structure. Is it branching, open or directed? Is there a sense of progression or development overall? How could the narrative structure be improved?
  2. Consider the main character. Does the character undergo a change in the story? What is the change? If the main character is the user, is there a sense of the role you are asked to play. How could character development be improved?
  3. Consider the major turning point(s) and/or twist(s) in the narrative as it unfolds. How might these be improved to keep the viewer/reader engaged?
  4. Describe the ending(s) of the narrative. Is there a sense of completion? Is the ending or endings satisfying?

  5. How are the multimodal elements (images, sound and typography) used in the narrative? Are they effective? 
  6. Other comments or suggestions?

Course Evaluations

Optional Workshop


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