July 30th: Final Projects



Watch the above videos about storytelling.  How does the most basic story engage our participation?  Try to answer this by looking critically at your own story for the final project. How can you improve your storytelling by 1) removing information, 2) generating questions and anticipation in the users, 3) making more compelling characters/situations? 


Review: Story= Anecdote (concrete events in cause and effect) + Meaningful Reflection (why is it important?)

simple plots – change of fortune
complex plots- Reversal of the Situation or Recognition or both, the element of surprise

Narration – objective/subjective or user interaction
Character – select details, motivation/goals, actions
Setting – select details, set mood, genre
Events – character actions/user interaction
Plot -sequence of events which affect other events, work backwards from ending
Theme – repeated patterns


Final Project workshop

DUE: Final Projects for Critique


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