WEEK 12: Narrative Workshop & Critique
(April 5-9)

To Do This Week:

Small-group critique:  Narrative Projects List

Video Lecture:

Zoom Workshop:

Narrative Projects List


Narrative Project reminders:

  • <br> – this tag is for line breaks. do not use to add space to the bottom of a div. use margin-bottom instead
  • media queries – closing curly braces!
  • ul and ol rules – no other elements except li. 
  • h1-6 – use correctly, follow hierarchy
  • add alt attribute for images 
  • visual hierarchy – difference and repetition, closure

The Narrative Projects should be in a folder called “narrative.”

IMPORTANT: New DUE dates for the Narrative Project
Part 1:
APRIL 6th – nearly complete Narrative Project for POD critique (10% of final grade) 
Part 2:
APRIL 13th – final Narrative Project for grading

  1. For the POD critique of the Narrative Project follow these instructions:
    Answer the critique questions below for each student project in your POD group. These are short responses not essays. Provide helpful feedback! 
  2. In the breakout Zoom meetings for your pod, first independently examine each of the sites in your pod and jot down notes for each critique questions below.
  3. When everyone is finished with their notes, discuss each project consecutively, sharing advice based on the responses to the questions.
  4. Take the critiques of your work as guidelines for a redesign–you do not have to follow all suggestions!
    1. Describe the site’s visual hierarchy? Is it effective? What could make it more effective?
    2. How effective is the typography? Does it help or hinder your comprehension of the content? Suggest solutions.
    3. How do you experience “closure” between the site’s different media and text fragments? How is your imagination engaged with the narrative? Does it flow? What would improve the narrative design?
    4. Good storytelling has both repetition and variation, rhythm and surprise. Does the site set up patterns for understanding the content? Is there any variation or difference in these patterns to help highlight certain elements from others?
    5. Offer suggestions for how the layout and navigation structure might better engage the user.
    6. Other comments or suggestions?