Blackbird – 10%

Format and style Wallace Steven’s poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” in a one page HTML document with an external CSS stylesheet. Your pages must have at least the following :

  1. one external link
  2. one internal or anchor link
  3. one image insert
  4. one background image

The assignment will be graded based on the functional and proper uses and syntax of HTML mark-up and CSS styles.  Though I am not grading on the quality of your design and layout, please put some effort into a pleasing look.  Extra credit will be given if your design attempts to reflect an interpretation of the poem’s meaning!

Recipe – 10%

Design and build a single, responsive recipe page with images, a layout with distinct areas for content, a color scheme (from a color tool), and typography that considers the visual hierarchy of a recipe’s content blocks.

Your grade in this assignment will be based on your understanding of visual hierarchy (layout, color, typography) and the fundamentals of responsive design (html/css code, media queries).

Narrative Project – 15%

Build a responsive, 1-5 page website that follows a sequential path or linear progression. For example: a how-to sequence or instruction,  a story, a comic, a brief biography, a narrative about a past event.  You must include text, images and/or other media, like audio, video or gif animations. In class, we will discuss narrative sequencing, navigation, visual rhythm and hierarchy along with the basics of responsive design and scroll animations.

Your grade in this assignment will be based on your effort and thoughtful consideration of:

  • responsive design
  • typography
  • html and css syntax and formatting
  • sequential content (text and media)

Portfolio  – 20%

Using HTML5 and CSS, handcode a multiple-page* responsive portfolio website that allows you to present and promote yourself and your work to potential employers and friends.

Portfolio websites grading will be based on the following criteria:

Sites Completed for Usability Testing/ Peer Critique  10%

It is important that you finish a majority of  your site’s design and content for the scheduled critique/usability testing. On this day, I will grade this portion of your project.

Design 30%

  • Website must have a color scheme that is in harmony (use Kuler!).
  • Typography is legible and text boxes are aligned properly,
  • Navigation is functioning, clear and accessible.
  • Pages are consistent throughout the site; there is unity in the design.
  • Clear visual hierarchy is used in overall design. Layout, color and imagery evoke information (difference) and context (repetition) effectively.

HTML5 and CSS mark-up  30%

  • The start home/page is index.html
  • HTML5 and CSS mark-up is “validated”.  Semantic elements and divs are properly nested with good hierarchical page structure.
  • A single external stylesheet (inline styles and internal stylesheets can be occasionally used to override external css).
  • The site is responsive to device widths, using percentages and media queries
  • HTML and CSS are handcoded; no WYSIWYG editors or templates. Plugins for galleries are OK. Please see me if you have questions about this.
  • HTML and CSS are well formatted – indentation is used  to indicate nested elements.
  • Navigation must be in the form of a CSS-styled unordered list <ul>.

Content 30%

  • Content is your own and complete. Images that are not created by you and/or in the Public Domain must be clearly labeled with ownership and copyright information. Text is  grammatically correct, spell-checked and images are compressed for web with proper aspect ratio.
  • The website must have at least 4 pages all together. Suggestions include: Homepage, Biography, Artist’s Statement, Resume or discussion of your skills and abilities, Samples or Galleries of your writing, photography, or artwork, Contact information, Information about your favorite causes, Links to resources or other things you think worthwhile, etc.

*If you would like to design a single page website with anchor links, please talk to me.



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