WEEK 10: Creative Programming 2
(March 22-26)

To Do This Week:

Play with Canvas, think about your Creative Programming Project

Video Lectures:

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Canvas Overview 
Pod group projects – animate canvas face

Canvas Games Overview

Zoom Workshop:

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Creative Programming Project
This project is intended to loosen you up with creative applications of JavaScript. Using techniques for dynamic animation using the canvas element, you are to follow your own intuition and creative ideas. Don’t worry about something polished or even practical. The idea is to push your current knowledge of JavaScript towards building interesting interactive objects. The crazier your approach, the better. You will be graded on your effort and your process of discovery.

Canvas Games

Explore W3schools HTML5 Games Demo to build your own game using Canvas. Try to understand how objects are generated and then animated with speed and gravity properties. Best to start by copying the code for an example at playing around with values. Then you can make changes for your own game. 

Previous Student Canvas Games
Escape the Room
Trip Switch
Cube Game
Space Jam


Due Friday: Map Project
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HTML5 Canvas Games Demo