WEEK 5: E-Lit Project
(February 15-19)

To Do This Week:

Describe in 5-10 separate lines how your script will process and display your work of electronic literature. Describe the basic algorithm. (Post these in the Slack Channel by our Tuesday class)

Video Lectures:


Zoom Class

Go over JavaScript Quiz

Taper Journal

Share E-lit project ideas 
How to start???

Past student work:

Zoom Workshop

The online quiz will be multiple choice and short answer. Be able to identify the proper usage and syntax for the following:

data types: strings, numbers, booleans, arrays
basic operators and “shortcut” operators 
comparison operators 
adding javascript to a page
(internal and external methods)
javascript commenting 
objects / methods / properties
for loops
while loops
conditional statements

Take the quiz by our next class (Feb 16th). After submitting, you will immediately get your score, the errors and the correct answers. Make sure you understand your errors, but I will go over the quiz in class. If you take the quiz, you will get the full 5 points no matter your score. If you do not take the quiz, you will get zero points.

Online JavaScript Quizcomplete by next Tuesday Feb 16th

E-Lit Project (10%) DUE Tuesday Feb 23rd

Program and design your own JavaScript poem, story, quiz or text game using some of the text manipulation techniques you have learned.