2017-2018 Research Affiliates

We are pleased to announce ELL’s 2017-2018 Research Affiliates:

  • John Barber, Associate Clinical Professor, Creative Media & Digital Culture, WSUV
  • Philippe Brand, Assistant Professor of French, Lewis & Clark College
  • Ted Fordyce, Adjunct Instructor, Creative Media & Digital Culture, WSUV
  • Brenda Grell, Instructor, Creative Media & Digital Culture, WSUV
  • Davin Heckman, Associate Professor of Mass Communication, Winona State University
  • Matt Huculak, Digital Scholarship Librarian, University of Victoria Libraries
  • Will Luers, Instructor, Creative Media & Digital Culture, WSUV
  • Chris Martin, Instructor, Computer Graphics Technology, Clark College
  • Jasmine Mulliken, Digital Production Associate at Stanford University Press
  • Adele Ramos, Assistant Professor of English, Pacific Lutheran University
  • Lori Ricigliano, Associate Director for User Services, Collins Library, U of Puget Sound
  • Scott L. Rogers, Assistant Professor of English, Pacific Lutheran University
  • Amber Strother, Blackburn Fellow, English Department, WSUP

Besides joining us in the activities we have planned for the academic year, they also will have borrowing privileges of redundant works in the library; staff help with information about library contents; access to ELL’s legacy computers and software and works of electronic literature and other media (e.g. video games, sound-based works, videos) for research; and invitations to special affiliate-only events.

We are inviting others to join us. If you are interested, contact me at grigar[at]wsu[dot]edu.


Dene Grigar is Director and Professor of the CMDC Program. She specializes in electronic literature, emerging technologies and cognition, and ephemera.