Friday, 2/22/19
2:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m. PDT
Live on YouTube and F2F in Electronic Literature Lab, WSUV Campus, VMMC 211A
Twitter: #elitpathfinders

Experience early born digital literature performed live via YouTube. Drawn from Stuart Moulthrop and Dene Grigar’s concept of the “Traversal,” these performances take place on the original hardware and software for which the work was produced. By broadcasting the Traversals live, audiences across the internet can access important works of electronic literature endangered by time and outmoded hardware, software, and media formats. The YouTube Chat function allows them to interact with the reader and members of the audience.

Traversal Highlights
Richard Holeton’s epic hypertext novel, Figurski at Findhorn on Acid, was published in 2001 by Eastgate Systems, Inc. The work remains one of the only comic works of hypertext fiction of the period, relying on absurdist humor to relay the cultural experience of 1970s when social experiments, drugs, and the Viet Nam War challenged American power structures and acceptance of capitalism and social morés.

Holeton will perform his work on a iMac G3 “Bubble,” the Blueberry from the “Life Savers” model released in 1999.

Handling the sound production this year will be CMDC faculty member and sound artist John Barber. CMDC’s tech guru Greg Philbrook will once again handle the live stream production. ELL Director Dene Grigar oversees the project, and ELL Associate Director Nicholas Schiller supervises the social media interaction during the event, with the ELL Undergraduate (UG) Researchers manning ELL’s Instagram, and Twitter channels and Pathfinders’ Facebook account.

2:30-2:35 p.m.: Introductory remarks
2:35-3:05: Holeton’s Traversal
3:05-3:30: Q&A with Holeton and Grigar

During the Traversal we will be posting photos and commentary on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.