Wednesday, March 20, 2019
6:30 p.m. CET (= GMT/UTC +01:00 hour)
Hof University, Germany • Institute of Information Systems (iisys) • room G111

Mark Bernstein’s hypertext narrative, Those Trojan Girls, draws its inspiration from Euripides’ tragic play, The Trojan Women, and the Victorian school novel to tell the story of loss. As its description suggests: “The school story of the 19th century ends in graduation. The school story of the 20th century ends in the dissolution of the school. This is a 21st century school story. Troy always falls, yet within the devastation we may perhaps find some scope for hope and for courage.”

Those Trojan Girls was created with Storyspace 3.0 and released in 2016 at ACM Hypertext Halifax.

The work will be read by e-lit scholar Dene Grigar, President of the Electronic Literature Organization and Director of the Electronic Literature Lab at Washington State University Vancouver. She is also serving as Curator at the exhibit, “Tear Down the Wall: The Art and Science of Hypertext,” at the 2019 ACM Hypertext Conference taking place 17–20 September 2019 at Hof University, Germany.

About the Author

Mark Bernstein has published hypertexts and crafted hypertext writing environments since 1987. At Eastgate Systems, he edited and published many of the key titles in the history of hypertext. He is the designer of Tinderbox, a knowledge management tool for everyone’s everyday knowledge work that is used by writers and researchers across the world. In addition to his research publications on hypertext, new media and social media, he is the author of The Tinderbox Way, Getting Started In Hypertext Narrative, and the hypertext Election of 1912 (with Erin Sweeney) and Those Trojan Girls. A graduate of Swarthmore College, he received his doctorate from Harvard University.

Bernstein is the Artistic Director of the 2019 ACM Hypertext Conference taking place 17–20 September 2019 at Hof University.