We are at the end of our data collection in preparation for writing the grant. Kathleen and Holly double-checked the publication dates and software types and versions on the spreadsheet where we have listed all of the works we plan to record. Mariah double-checked if the works are accessible as local files or via a link to an external site, like the artists’ site or the Wayback Machine. Andrew worked on fine tuning the date of publication. And finally,  Moneca produced videos of the test runs that we held on Wednesday and created still photos from the footage. We plan to include in the grant application a short video trailer about the project.

In the meantime I worked on the timeline for the project. Here is what I am planning to propose:

Year 1

Journals––Poems That Go, TIRW, Word Circuits,Beehive, Cauldron and Net, frAme, and Riding the Meridian––and the three anthologies––Electronic Literature Collections1, 2, and 3; 190 total works

Year 2

June 2021-June 2022: Showcase 1––Turbulence.org (199 works––Level 1: 92, Level 2: 52; Level 3: 55)

Year 3

June 2022-May 31, 2023: Showcase 2––Museum of the Essential and Beyond That (98 works); documentary video and white paper